Yelm Jesus Name Pentecostal Church

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Fireworks Fundraiser

We have a terrific fourth of July fundraiser that will fund our formal dedication service July 27th. Fundraisers also give us the ability to hand out church cards and talk to countless people about our faith in Jesus. We are excited about fundraisers because they give us a perfect chance to show ourselves to the community that we love. This year TNT Fireworks has promotions to give you a break on your firework budget.


-10 off 50 by going to and looking under coupons-

~You can purchase a $20 voucher redeemable at our location only and you will receive and $10 off $50 coupon~

for more info call Brother Colton (360) 269-5686

Ladies Prayer is an outstanding fellowship that we would not want to go without. It is where prayer requests, binding together in prayer and eating delicious lunches turn into life long friendships and drawing closer to God. Outreach is greatly exercised to show our love to the community through visiting the nursing home and passing out church invitations to the city of Yelm.  

Christmas Caroling

Last year we went to the nursing home in Mckenna to sing carols. We had an outstanding time singing to such wonderful folks. During singing songs of our Lord's birth I began to see the expressions on their faces, as the sweet melodies drifted into thier ears some began to cry and some began to pray. Others sang along and joined in on the fun and joy that comes with singing of our Lord. During the Christmas time there is a buzz about it. Maybe its the warm scented candles or the cookies Grandma is steadily cooking. Maybe the Christmas lights around town, or Gods warmth and joy being spread abroad. Caroling about our Lord adds to that buzz. It's so enjoyable to sing songs of the birth of Jesus.

The last Sunday of every month we have home cooked dishes, dessert, finger food and and much more. Anything someone is craving or decides to make they bring with enough to feed many. I'm so thankful for such wonderful fellowship. See you there, God Bless You!