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Baptism In Jesus Name

Brother Brian 

 Sister Lisa


         We love our Lord and Savior, and we are thankful to have his blood applied to our lives. Through water baptism in the name of Jesus. John 3:5 Born of water; Acts 2:38 baptize in Jesus name; Acts 8:16 Baptized in the name of the lord Jesus; Romans 6:3 were baptized into Jesus Christ; Ephesians 4:5 One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism.


Building Our Church




 A fter Many years of framing, hanging, fixing, leveling, laboring, adjusting, choosing, obstacle climbing, and praying our church


 The church was built in 1923 and was remodeled sometime in the 30's

 which was the addition of the back second story rooms. In the last 20-

25 years it hasn't been used for church service. It was quite the miracle that Pastor Mattocks acquired

the three buildings (church, parsonage, and fellowship hall) and it seems the

blessings keep coming. Brother Sloan has put in his skilled carpentry work, long hours, and genius

ideas to get the building done and ready for service. Brother Maverick Wark

also put in his generous portion to complete the job, with a goal

in mind Brother Maverick will get it done. Brother Colton Wark joined the trio

late in the game but jumped in fast, and not only learned countless

things from the job but was also learned of salvation through long hours

of preaching tapes listened to by Brother Sloan. Many people, over the

course of 8 years, have put in numerous hours and we thank everyone

who put forth effort towards the completion of our church. We also

want to give a special thanks to Brother Kenneth for painting nearly the

entire building, All donated time! He is an outstanding worker who we

wish God's blessing upon for his contribution. If you would like to see our

church in person click on directions on the left.

God Bless You!


Bell Tower 


Sunday School Room 

Bell Tower Crosses

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